Take the stress out of managing your community

Mod Bot provides seamless moderation and user support for your community. Fast, Modular and Intuitive. Mod Bot provides a framework of tools to help take the stress out of community management and provides instant support to your users 24/7.

Mod Bot is far more than your average message bot with Mod Bot the possibilities are endless!. We provide a completely tailored service to make sure everything about Mod Bot meets your communities needs.

Supported on the following services




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We Provide a Completely Tailored Product.

We’re confident when we say that no bot does it better than Mod Bot. We Provide features that no other bot currently on the market can. Here are some of the examples of the advanced features we offer over the competition. But don’t worry if you have an idea we can make it a reality for you!.

Image recognition

Mod bot analyses all inbound images and can quickly detect and delete Scams, Pornography, Impropriate Images.

Community rewards

Mod bot has an inbuilt reward function that allows you to reward good behavior with a crypto currency of your choice.

Twitter Mirroring

Mod bot can instantly relay tweets to your messaging communities. Making sure your users never miss anything.

Github integration

Allows you to flag bug reports and create github issues based on users messages. It also relays closed issues and tracks their progress keeping your users upto date.


The Message Bridge allows for seamless collaboration between your community on multiple platforms. Mirror messages to different platforms instantly. 


Instantly notify your users when a nw update of your app is pushed to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Our Happy Clients

Fuse Network (Fuse.io)

Fuse Network is a crypto currency platform that enables companies and communities access to secure friction-less mobile payments with ease. Hop onto their  telegram  and  discord  channels to see “Fuse_Network_Bot” in action!